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A ranking of the Flash Player versions that are used by persons connecting from Turkey with websites of members of IAB Turkey. The ranking is based on the number of page views concerning sites included in the gemiusTraffic study.

lack of required plugin

Download the required flash plugin from http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer, to view the diagrams correctly.

FLASH PLAYER - gemiusRanking TR
no. name page views - percentage share
12.06 - 18.06.2017 05.06 - 11.06.2017 22.05 - 28.05.2017
1. not installed 61.80% 61.28% 60.13%
2. flash player ver. 22 1.99% 2.03% 2.13%
3. flash player ver. 21 0.98% 1.00% 1.02%
Sample Size 3396763816 3362779802 3164000710



Flash Player – a plug-in or program used to open flash type files (.swf format) with an internet browser.
Page view – an event consisting in displaying of a web page embedded with a correctly executed gemiusTraffic study script.

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